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For more than 20 years of continuous innovation, Sunaero has developed a complete range of effective, proven solutions for both commercial and military operators.

Sunaero’s line of portable equipment provides unrivalled time and money savings for AOG situations and scheduled maintenance, helping aircraft getting …


Suitable for any aircraft type, Sunaero’s solutions apply for quick leak detection and fast curing of sealant, paint, composite. Using helium as a tracer gas, the Sunaero helium detector provides accurate information on leak path for fuel leaks (structural or bladder tanks), oxygen circuits, Pitot static circuits, air conditioning etc…

Helium also allows fuel-free quality check after repair, to quickly and accurately verify that no remaining leak exists.

Sunaero also provides solutions for sealant removal and sealant curing, being two of the most time consuming tasks in aircraft maintenance or overhaul. Most sealant tasks can be dramatically accelerated thanks to Sunaero’s technology for sealant curing, windshield replacement, and composite repairs.

Also used in aircraft assembly lines, Sunaero products are recognized by aircrafts manufacturers and included in AMM/SRM (Maintenance Manuals) and in Technical Orders.

Sunaero offers users’ support and complete life cycle services for all its products.

With more than 15 years of continuous innovation,

Sunaero has developed a complete range of effective, proven solutions for both military and commercial aircraft operators.
Sunaero line of Ground Support Equipment provides unrivalled time and money savings for AOG situations, productions lines and scheduled maintenance operations.

Our patented products help operators save extensive amounts of time and optimize maintenance tasks as a fuel leak can be detected and repaired in less than 8 hours.
Our technology is applicable for all aircraft type: commercial and military, fixed and rotary wing. Thanks to our recognized expertise and close link with aircraft manufacturers, Sunaero solutions have been included in many AMM and T.O.s.

Sunaero offers solutions in the following applications:

Accurate fuel leak location & quick tank sealing control using tracer gas instead of fuel.
Sealant removal and sealant application tools.
Sealants, resins & paints rapid curing using infrared rays (ATEX certified).
Composite rapid curing.
Leak detection on oxygen circuits, pitot static, cooling system.
Tyres protection covers (scheduled maintenance, heavy check, storage).
Assistance on fuel leak detection.

Sunaero is working under ISO 9001 certification and most of the technologies are ATEX, FM Approval certified.

At the core of Sunaero’s innovative approach remains an unwavering commitment to delivering and providing new and better solutions that directly address customer’s needs.
Sunaero maintains high in-house standards to always fulfill their needs. Sunaero is also equipped to quickly provide assistance on its technologies for structural repairs and, if requested, send a specialized team to assist the MRO’s fuel team in leak detection and tanks’ sealing control.

It also organizes annual customer support and training courses either at client’s facilities or at the SUNAERO’s plant. Worldwide agents and representatives’network allow Sunaero to work closely with its customers and to make sure that its technologies always meet their quality & technical requirements.