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Aicraft On Ground


Sunaero provides you, emergency response team to repair any fuel tank issues. With three mains based, located in France, USA, Malaysia, and hubs on the biggest airports. Our teams can be dispatch anywhere in the world in 24h or less. In a tight situation Sunaero teams are available for dispatch to perform repairs or consultation within 2 hours from any of our worldwide hubs.

 Sunaero is the right call to fix your AOG situations quickly and increase your aircraft availability

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Sunaero A.O.G. Services

  • Fuel Tank Services
  • Fuel System Services
  • Oxygen System Services
  • Maintenace Support Services
  • Other Specialized Services


Fuel Tank Services

  • Fuel leak Detection
  • Fuel leak Repair
  • Inbound & Outbound Leak Check
  • Fuel Tank Entry
  • Fuel Tank Decontamination
  • Fuel Tank Cleanning
  • Fuel Bladder Inspection / Removal
  • Integral Tank De-sealing / Sealing

Fuel System Services

  • Fuel System Component Replacement
  • Fuel Quantity Indicator System (FQIS)

Oxygen System Services

  • Oxygen Leak Detection PAX
  • Oxygen Leak Detection Crew

Maintenance Support Services

  • Line Maintenance Support
  • Base Maintenace Support

Other Specialized Services

  • Cabin Leak Check
  • Dry Bay Inspection
  • Dry Bay Temporary Repair


A.O.G. Support

Our dedicated apps provides the flexibility needed to improve your support. Linked to the big-data system, we manage and collect experiences and knowledges for each aircraft type. Alongside our advance and disruptive technology allows us to release your aircraft faster.

Our quality approach will ensure a FOD free environment and guaranty that the repair will be perform the right way, the first time. We offer a warranty - man hours and equipment rental - on fuel leak repairs.

Dedicated technologies

Our fully trained and experienced technicians expedite all in-tank work using the most modern aircraft repair technology including:

  • Helium Leak Detection
  • Infrared Sealant Curing
  • Rapid Sealant Removal
  • Helium Leak Repair Verification