WingsUp®, to sustain our business model

With a new service-oriented business model to mark our entry into the 4.0 aerospace industry, we have launched a digitalization project to fulfill our updated requirements, and to deliver the most efficient service to our customers.

What is WingsUp

Is it software, an app?  It’s more than that! It is the two year collaborative effort of more that 50 people worldwide, over 9000 development hours, and over 1 million cups of coffee. The result is based upon decades of experience in the field that fulfills both EASA and FAA regulations and offers our customers unprecedented convenience, efficiency, and access to on wing support!

WingsUp is also a end-to-end solutions, carrying our worldwide service support.

How to get efficiency?

Efficiency is achieved in four words: K.I.S.S. or Keep It Simple Stupid.  With easy to use software, Wings Up can handle:

  • Customer requests & discrepancy localization
  • Equipment schedules and usability states
  • Mechanic scheduling and qualifications
  • Validation processes
  • Mission Orders
  • Engineering Work Order with Electronic signatures
  • Service closing validation processes

Several documents are automatically generated: Mission order, Work order structure, Service report, Certificate of conformity.

Auditing is greatly reduced according to the field interface, qualification certificates, experience logbook, and mission orders are instantly available.

A back-office interface allows the management of maintenance execution details from scheduling of resources and tasks to the tracking of real-time maintenance activity.

A mobile interface allows our Sunaero experts to work offline and synchronize data after services, including Engineering Work Order details, Part In / Part Out and Tool In / Tool Out.

Peoples through the workflow with automatic notification alerts: The right data at the right moment

As a web based tool, there is no need for installation. WingsUp is responsive on every mobile device, smartphone, tablet, laptop.

Our software was designed to collect and index data as a big data accelerator.

Our response time is improved for unscheduled maintenance - A.O.G. -