In House Services

In House Services

Sunaero In House Services statement

Sunaero is committed providing to its customers, a fast response to support their critical operations, delivering excellence of aircraft maintenance.

Our services

Sunaero is an aviation specialist supporting worldwide MRO's operations on aircraft composite structure and fuel bladder tank. Our repair shop facilities network around the world is made to efficiently response to any repair request.

Our teams are highly skilled and experienced in composite repair from fabric to structure.
At Sunaero, we are specialized in the following in house services :

  • Composite structural repair services
  • Fuel bladder repair services

Composite Structural Repair Services

  • Composite Panel Repair
  • Composite Secondary Flying Structure Repair
  • Radome Repair

Fuel Bladder Repair Services

  • Fuel Bladder Tank Inspection

  • Fuel Bladder Tank Repair

Composite Structural repair services

Composite Panel Repair

  • Panel Assy

  • Panel Assy-Ceiling

  • Panel Assy-Sidewall

  • Panel Assy-Wall

  • Panel-Floor

  • And Others

Composite Secondary Flight Controls Repair

  • Aileron Assy

  • Aileron Instl

  • Spoiler Assembly

  • Flap Assembly

Radome Repair

  • Radome Assembly

Composite Fabric Services

Fuel Bladder Tank Inspection

With our tracer gas technology we are able to map the leaks, to diagnose the critical locations and to give you a usability state for old fuel bladder. 

Fuel Bladder Tank Repair 

  • Fabric Disbonded

  • Torn

  • Crack and Deep Scratch

  • Blister

  • Damage on Cell Fittings/Brackets

  • Punctured Through