Inbound & Outbound leak check

Inbound & Outbound leak check

The guarentee to release your aircraft leak free

Test description

Sunaero performs an helium dry test to ensure a leak free fueling at the end of maintenance. 

Step 1 : A secure wing pressurization with Air & Helium.

Our equipment ensures a fully secure wing pressurization with their redundant security system. Pressure we apply is AMM based and pre-set in dedicated receipe for each aircraft type. 

Step 2 : An efficient wing scanning with the Helium detector.

Data collected among the years provide us statistical information to locate and gain efficiency during the wing scanning.


  • Reduce fuel waste
  • Deliver the aircraft on-time
  • Save three (3) days in case of re-leak avoiding defueling (or transfert), venting, leak detection, repair and refueling (or transfert).