Tank Pressurization System - TPS

Performance Cost-effective & Versatille AMM - SRM Approved Referenced
Tank Pressurization System - TPS

A dry test to guarantee leak-free release of your aircraft! With our specific interfaces, you can connect to all aircraft. We can operate with two different gases Helium and Hydrogen, under a wide range of volumes from 5L to 300.000L. Our design office is able to design customized solutions meeting your specifications and requests: Components or aircraft Interfaces, pressure decay test, carts… .

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Final Tank Test Applications

ATA 28 - Aircraft Fuel System, ATA 21 - Air Conditioning and Pressurization, Airbus and Boeing Integral Fuel Tanks, Trim Tanks

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Features of the Tank Pressurization System - TPS

  • Quick filling of large volume tanks
  • Works with the Helitest Leak Detector
  • Use of several detectors simultaneously for quick mapping of the wings
Cost-effective & Versatille
  • No disassembly of aircraft parts
  • Dry Test with 10% Helium only
  • Adapted to all aircraft tank configuration
  • Specific interfaces
AMM - SRM Approved
  • 28-11-00 - Leak Test
  • NTO AFI PRE-MTVE-0034 - Fuel Tank Helitest Leak Detection Procedure
  • 20-32-00-360-804 - Helium leak test of fuel tanks
  • P/N : TPS-300K-CP-A320 Airbus A320 Family Kit
  • P/N : TPS-300K-CP-A350 Airbus A350 Kit
  • P/N : TPS-300-K-CP-A380 Airbus A380 Family Kit
  • P/N : TPS-300K-CP-B777 Boeing B737 & B777 Kit
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