Helitest Wing Kit - HWK

Easy process AMM - SRM Approuved
Helitest Wing Kit - HWK

The fastest and reliable technology to pintpoint fuel leaks sources, inside the tank by using helium as a tracer gas. The HWK can safely help find a leak source, in a much shorter time than traditional methods. By applying low pressure helium to the tank structure at the exit point of the leak, the helium will easily travel through the leak path and expose the location where the fuel is getting out. The Aerowing “intrinsically safe” detection probe will detect where the helium is entering the tank. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to repair a fuel leak.

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Leak Detection Applications

Fuel tank, Fuel Bladder, All aircraft

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Features of the Helitest Wing Kit - HWK

Easy process
  • Pressurize an external compression chamber
  • Tracer gas will flow to the leak path
  • The sensor will locate the leak source inside the fuel tank
AMM - SRM Approuved
  • 28-11-00 - Locating Leaks - Wings Center Trim Tanks - Air/Helium Positive Pressure Method
  • A350-A-28-11-XX-02001-270A-A - Leak Tests on the Fuel Tanks - Whitout Fuel - Helium Procedure
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