Tank Pressurization System Oxygen - TPS O2

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Tank Pressurization System Oxygen - TPS O2

Pinpoint an oxygen leak with a state of the art technology. We developed a dedicated tooling to ease the leak detection on oxygen system. Thanks to our technology using a tracert gas, you avoid the overhead compartments disassembling. Usable during Line or Base Maintenance tasks.

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Leak Detection Applications

ATA 35 - Oxygen, PAX Oxygen System, Crew Oxygen System, Low and High Pressure

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Features of the Tank Pressurization System Oxygen - TPS O2

  • Helium Medical grade
  • Monitored pressure
  • Automated Test
  • Volatile Organic Compounds free
  • Fast Scanning
  • Compact
  • Rugged
  • Battery Operated
  • P/N : TPS-OX Tank Pressurization System Oxygen
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