electric Rapid Curing Device - eRCD

Safety Efficiency Equipment Referenced
electric Rapid Curing Device - eRCD

Versatile and ergonomic fast polymerization system

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Rapid Curing Applications

Touch-up, Spot curing, All aircraft

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Features of the electric Rapid Curing Device - eRCD

  • Automated temperature and time monitoring
  • Wide beam infrared curing emission
  • Contactless curing application
  • Up to 4 electrical emitters
  • Customizable geometry available (emitters + holder)
  • Touch screen automated curing cycle
  • Wide range of light weight emitter sizes
  • P/N : RC-E-CP Control Panel
  • P/N : RC-E-SL Control panel
  • P/N : RC-E-L-160 Spot Emitter
  • P/N : RC-E-L-500 Emitter
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