Rapid Curing Device - RCD

Safety & Efficiency Equipment AMM - SRM Approved Referenced
Rapid Curing Device - RCD

The only answer to your curing issues in hazardous environment when time is critical. The wide spectrum and low temperature infrared emission technology, optimize the energy transfer and the polymerization time is reduced by 10 to 20! The equipment is designed to be used inside fuel tanks or other hazardous or ATEX environment. To improve traceability, a report is automatically generated and can be edited at the end of the process.

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Rapid Curing Applications

Hazardous area curing, Sealant Resin and Paint, ATEX Certification, FM Certification

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Features of the Rapid Curing Device - RCD

Safety & Efficiency
  • Explosion proof certified and shock resistant
  • Automated temperature and time monitoring
  • Dual use: inside and outside tanks
  • Wide beam infrared curing emission
  • 1 to 2 lines thermoreactor control panel
  • Touch screen automated curing cycle
  • Wide range of light weight emitter sizes
AMM - SRM Approved
  • 51-76-20 - Repair of Integral Tank Sealing
  • 51-76-12 & 51-76-12-450-806-A01 Repair of Fuel Tank Sealing
  • 20-32-00-390-801 - Basic Sealing Methods
  • BAC5000
  • P/N : RC-G-CP-4 RCD Control Panel
  • P/N : RC-G-TH-RXP RXP Thermoreactor
  • P/N : RC-G-TH-RXM RXM Thermoreactor
  • P/N : RC-G-TH-RXG RXG Thermoreactor
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