Manual Desealing System - MDS

Efficient Cost effective AMM - SRM Approuved Referenced
Manual Desealing System - MDS

For hard-to-reach areas, Sunaero offers the Manual Desealing System - MDS -, a hand-held dispensing tool kit, with an ergonomic handle and tip pallet specifically developed for the aerospace application. These tips are interchangeable and made of a material that respects the surface to be treated.

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Sealant Removal Applications

NDT, Manufacturing Repairs, Adhesive Removal, Fuel leak Repair

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Features of the Manual Desealing System - MDS

  • Large choice of tips
  • New material generation : no damage on the structure
  • Ergonomic handle
Cost effective
  • Sharpenable
  • Quick fitting
  • Fuel resistant
AMM - SRM Approuved
  • 51-76-20 - Repair of Integral Tank Sealing
  • 51-76-12 & 51-76-12-450-806-A01 - Repair of Fuel Tank Sealing
  • 51-31-01-100-802 - Excess Sealant Removal
  • BAC5000
  • P/N : RD-M-001 Manual Desealing System
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