Rapid Desealing System - RDS

Efficient Cost effective Safe AMM - SRM Approved
Rapid Desealing System - RDS

Removing is a time-consuming and painful task. Sunaero has developed the Rapid Desealing System - RDS - pneumatic system to quickly loosen the sealant and make it easier to disperse. With this equipment, the sealant can be removed 40 times faster than with manual means, without altering the surface or the primer. The resonance effect from the duly selected material and the frequency of the device makes it possible to take off the mastic extremely effectively, without any cut or shear.

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Sealant Removal Applications

Fuel leak Repair, NDT, Manufacturing Repairs, Adhesive Removal

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Features of the Rapid Desealing System - RDS

  • Vibration technologye
  • Desealing time reduced by 3
  • Effortless operation
  • Preserves surface primer integrity
Cost effective
  • Interchangeable Tips (Sharpenable)
  • Fuel resistant
  • Standard air shop
  • Can be used inside tanks (harzadous area)
  • No generation of sealant dust
  • Reduces man presence inside the tank
AMM - SRM Approved
  • 51-76-20 - Repair of integral tank sealing
  • 51-76-12 and 51-76-12-450-806-A01 - Repair of fuel tank sealing
  • 51-31-01-100-802 - Excess sealant removal
  • BAC5000
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