Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Keep ahead of the markets

Overcome the markets bias to improve global aircraft availability.  Since 1993, Sunaero designs advanced technologies thanks to a strong manufacturing know-how and aircraft maintenance expertise. Now we are able to perform predictive maintenance to reduce aircraft grounding time and maintenance costs.

Proud to be an innovative company, we develop various side projects with our customers in order to improve their maintenance processes. Recently, a Maintenance Software “WingsUp®” was created to handle aircraft repair data and maintenance resources.

Our technologies

Our patented technologies developped among the years, are designed to support a full process of leak repairs inside aircraft tanks.

 Leak detection

Highly sensitive and less susceptible to helium saturation, Sunaero's Leak Detector save aircraft maintainers considerable time and resources. Our leak location processes take the guessing game out of leak detection, using patented Selective Ion Pump developed specifically for the demands of the aerospace industry. Our products are AMM approved!


Our sealant removal family cover a wide range of solutions to maximize your team efficiency on day to day work. Products and tools are designed to preserve surface primer integrety!

 Infrared curing

Our proprietary and patented technologies enables rapid polymerization of sealants, paints and adhesives. Designed to be used in hazardous and confined environments, our systems support your teams in every day to day task from spot to wide polymerization area. Products are AMM appoved!

Final tank test

Our final tank test technologies is a tracer gas method using helium or hydrogen to check leaks outside of the tank. This dry test, guarantee a leak-free release of your aircraft! With our specific interfaces, you can connect to all aircraft, from business jets to airliners. Our technologies are patented and AMM approved!


Our Process