Our Partners

Our Partners

Long term vision

Sunaero developp long term cooperation with its partners to sustain growth thrugh employee, business and production.

Partners Management



As employer, we think that we have a social responsibility, to help graduate and apprentice to integrate professional life or veterans to come back to civil life.

We develop relations with schools, offering first professional opportunity to their students. Our goal, creat opportunities for everybody.



As company and group, we know that our development is due to the mutual trust between us, our customers and our business partners. 

Today, we are focus on our relationship improvment, based on mutual projects and opportunities led by our strategy.


As OEM, we think that favors short economic chain is essential, to sustain local economic growth and to reduce our global carbon footprint.

We try to supply ourselves in around fifty miles around our facilities. Today 85% of our production partners are in this circle.

To get our manufacturing quality standard, we accompany our partners to reach them. Along the years, we develop a strong cooperation to maximize ours efficiencies.